Bathroom Elegance by Luis Puerta

The master of minimal elegance, Spanish interior designer Luis Puerta, designed this gem of a bathroom that strikes with its bare walls and a touch of antiques, intended to give an air of timelessness to the space.

Puerta, who attaches so much importance to his clients’ very pronounced styles, was met with a vast, majestic room and the key was to respect it rather than completely remodel it. As he claims, it is all about trying to bring that personal touch and to stay attuned to the particularities of those who will enjoy the interior.

Although the entire decorating process was relatively fast, it took a long time to manufacture the stand-out pieces, such as the Roman statue, which evokes the past and gives that classic look to the bathroom the decorator wanted to achieve.

Bathroom Decor by Interior Designer Luis Puerta

The entrance

luis puerta bathroom, herringbone floors, ornate crown molding

The vanity table

luis puerta design

Decorative details




The view from the bathroom




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