Heidi Lender’s abode in Uruguay

It happens to many of us that when tired with our hectic schedules and full-time jobs, we decide to take a retreat to a secluded exotic location in order to escape, unwind and reflect. Heidi Lender, a San Franciscan journalist and photographer, went one step further in her search for happiness and belonging when leaving her old urban flat behind she moved to a century-old ranch in Garzón in southeastern Uruguay.

A tiny village surrounded by hectares of farmlands, situated only 40 miles from the exclusive and posh beach resort Punta del Este, it long lay quiet and forgotten until the Argentine chef Francis Mallmann chose it as the location for his boutique hotel and restaurant. Needless to say, since that moment dollars began to flow in triggering the wave of high-end establishments and luxury venues.

Lender kindly shared a few photographs of her dream home, which is still in the process of being filled. But only a glimpse at these images is enough to understand the artist’s fascination with the place and the stylistic destination she wants to arrive at.


Ethnic textiles, artwork and metallic puff brighten up the otherwise gloomy space.


Inseparably linked to Spanish and Latin American interiors, the stucco walls give a distinctive old world look and a solid rustic feel. Lender furnished the living area with a Nelson pendant light and a couple of midcentury chairs.


The kitchen space was ideal to furnish it with a long dining table. Lender kept here quite an austere look, choosing to expose the dated cabinet and decorating with a few steel utensils and lamps.


The rustic decor in the bedroom feels very authentic to the area.


Beautiful vivid textiles and posters spruce up the room.


Along with other items that Lender shipped from San Francisco was the vintage sink, which has plenty of storage and was a perfect fit for the new bathroom.


The stucco walls became the ideal background for a touch of colour.

*Source: Desire to Inspire

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