Hotel Bela Vista in Praia da Rocha, Portugal

“Miami meets the Mediterranean” was the guiding vision behind the renovation of the boutique Hotel Bela Vista in Algarve, Portugal. Graça Viterbo, one of the most respected and acclaimed interior designers in the country, took on a mission to revamp the stately historical palace, and by combining traditional hospility with fresh, modern interior bring it into the 21st century.

The inside of the hotel is like nothing you have ever seen. Artistic surprises lurk behind every door and corner, and the trip along the corridors ends up being a true visual experience. The interior design incorporates many of the original elements, which juxtaposed against striking contemporary decor capture the feel of the grand past.

Undeniably, the most noticeble throughout the hotel is the use of tiles, which blurs the transition between modern and classical with a new interpretation of style, as well as bright splashes of blue paint and explosions of colour – the ever-present components in Spanish and Latin American interiors. Together with warm wooden tones, the abundance of patterns and textures, and eye-catching decor, this is a place that draws you in and captures all your senses.


The property has been owned by a Portuguese family since the 19th century. It became a small hotel of 15 rooms in 1934. The palace is perched on a cliff above the beach, what gives it mansion-on-the-hill look.


Elegant black and white marble floors grace the hallway. Bold yellow and blue hues are prevalent throughout the whole space and give it a distinctive Mediterranean look.


The walls of the corridors that lead to each room are covered in textured venetian plaster, giving the appearance of depth and texture. The introduction of Tiffany blue, warm dimmed lighting, and natural wooden elements create a tranquil and intimate atmosphere.


The lobby feels both grand and private, modern yet exotic and lush. This beautiful area rests under an impressive wooden ceiling that truly stands out against the light, bright decor.


One can only stare at marvel at this part of the hotel lobby, with its excellent woodwork, the interpretation of mosaic tiles and, most importantly, the “chita” covered piano. “Chita’ is a very cheap fabric, native to Brazil and India, that offers never-ending pattern options. It took centuries for the fabric to gain recognition among the wealthy, who long refrained from using what in their mind was an inferior, cheesy textile.


The restaurant and bar areas offer warm toned environment that is rich in tradition, architectural details and playful decorative elements. Brazillian wood ceilings and panelling combined with sparkly mosaic glass tiles on the floor set the tone for this space.


Various shades of blue are a recurring theme in Viterbo’s design.


Every suite in the hotel has its own unique design.


The vibrant bathroom features mosaic tiles and stained glass windows that filter the light in a magical way.


Viterbo gave a nod to the Moorish roots of the region with the characteristic horseshoe arch above the bed..


The hotel boasts spacious outdoor dining areas with marvelous views of the Atlantic Ocean.


Stripes are yet another common thread that runs through the hotel’s interior. In this bedroom the Portuguese designer gives them prominence by choosing them as a decoration for the headboard, armoire and textiles.


Rich drapery, renovated antique furniture and bold stripes look harmonious and inviting.


Bright yellows and blues energize these interiors while providing enjoyment and serenity.


Polka dots seem perfect to pair them up with striped patterns.


The use of blue colour can be seen as giving homage to the wonderful ocean outside.


The “Miami-style” swimming pool.

*Source: Hotel Bela Vista, Dec-A-Porter

4 thoughts on “Hotel Bela Vista in Praia da Rocha, Portugal

  1. There are so many absolutely stunning and unique hotels in Portugal. They all have a great style. The Bela Vista looks really unique as well. I’d love to stay their one day. If you like the design, I’d also recommend to stay at one of the Pousadas do Portugal one day, they are absolutely unique as well!

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