Brazilian-style table setting

At the moment it is all about Brazil and the Word Cup. While most of us can only enjoy the views of the Brazilian beaches on the screens of our TVs, here is perfect idea on how to bring a little bit of a samba vibe to our home.

This table setting is all about mixing and matching bright colours, however, with a careful consideration. The eye-catching vivid vintage chairs and bouquets of flowers have been meticulously arranged to form a symmetrical design. Arrangements of tulips, various species of orchids, daffodils, hyacinths, safari sunsets, and lemon have been placed in elegant vases, pots and baskets of different sizes. This plentiful flower garden is a beautiful decorative touch to otherwise quite a traditional table setting with classic silver cutlery, fine glasses and simple orange place mats. Mini oranges and king proteas, loosely yet attentively scattered on the table, give a final finish to this joyful but elegant table decoration.


The table setting in all its glory.


Colourful flower arrangements are the centrepiece of the table.


Plethora of colours.


Elegant wine glasses and delicately ornamented crockery.


Table setting.


Table setting.


Flower arrangements.


Flower arrangements.


Silver place markers.


Scattered lemons.


Flower arrangements.


Table setting.


Rosemary on the paper napkin adds freshness on a hot day.


Flower arrangements.

*Source: Vamos a receber


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