Lizzo – The Art of Textiles

The Spanish brand Lizzo captures everything I love in interior design and home decoration. Sophistication, opulence, craftsmanship, refinement, sensuality and quality set this fabric editor apart from other textile suppliers in Europe and around the world. Their mission has always been to provide demanding clientèle with the purest materials that given Lizzo’s unmistakable graceful, elegant touch transform every interior into a sensual, even spiritual experience. Ranging from subtle, delicate sheers to exquisitely embroidered upholstery textures to wonderfully soft and rich velvet fabrics, every year the brand’s trendsetting collections appeal to the most discerning of tastes and set new benchmarks in textile design.

Lizzo Aberdeen

Lizzo Aberdeen – a fusion of Scottish checked tartans, floral motifs and paisley patterns distinguish this classic, elegant collection with a folk touch.


Lizzo Aberdeen


Lizzo – Jacquard fabrics for upholstery


Lizzo Arizona – Inspired by the desert landscape of Arizona in the US, the collection of light, luminous fabrics suits modern, cosmopolitan clients that prefer sleek lines and contemporary spaces.


Lizzo Nomad – The characteristic upholstery textures of this ethnic collection include herringbone pattern, stone-washed linen and colourful viscose and jute chenille. Jacquard woven fabrics combined with vintage damasks are also used here.


Lizzo Opera – Rich, classical style of the Opera collection, inspired by the 19th-century Italian world of opera, features silk, linen, ornate viscose, velvet fabrics, elegant cashmere and ottomans simulating reptile skin.

Lizzo Opera

Lizzo Opera


Lizzo Maharaja – Abundant and lavish, this collection is filled with patterned upholstery fabrics and ornamental highlights, marrying silks, velvets and glossy satins.

Lizzo Botanical

Lizzo Botanical – combines floral jacquards with linen and cotton with a faded and antique look.


Lizzo Capri – Subtly transparent curtains in dusty tones.


Lizzo Capri – Subtly transparent curtains in dusty tones.


Lizzo Mare – Up-to-date and contemporary, the Mare collection is dominated by shades of gold, coral tones, beiges and silvers and a wide choice of blues that imitate the sea.

5Ž dia F30 020

Lizzo Maharaja


Lizzo Artigiana – A rustic, natural collection, where appreciation for meticulous craftsmanship is evident.

*Source: Lizzo

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