Sorvete Italia

Recently I have developed a slight obsession for beautiful, creative product packaging. Packaging has become a major promotional vehicle for consumer brands to interest consumers and potential buyers in various products. In terms of aesthetics and design it is increasingly as important as the product itself – one sees something attractive and appealing without actually immediately seeing the product.

Below, packaging design for Italia Ice Cream, a company based in Rio de Janeiro. I simply love the exotic feel running throughout and wide colour spectrum.


Sorvete Italia


Sorvete Italia Diet


Sorvete Italia


Sorvete Italia


Sorvete Italia

Itália Ice Cream Bars-02

Sorvete Italia – Pineapple and Mango

Itália Ice Cream Bars-09

Sorvete Italia – Mango and Chocolate

Itália Ice Cream Bars-08

Sorvete Italia – African Chocolate and Chocolate

Itália Ice Cream Bars-07

Sorvete Italia – Gooseberry and Chocolate & Mint

Itália Ice Cream Bars-06

Sorvete Italia – Grapes and Acai Berry & Guarana

Itália Ice Cream Bars-05

Sorvete Italia – Lime and Coconut

Itália Ice Cream Bars-04

Sorvete Italia – Tangerine and Maracuja

Itália Ice Cream Bars-03

Sorvete Italia – Guava and Strawberry

*Source: Packaging of the World

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