I am originally from Warsaw, Poland. Having previously spent some time in Spain and in Bogotá, Colombia, i now live in West London, where I work for one of London’s most successful high-end property development companies. Here, wishing to give my artsy personality a voice and unleash the untapped creative potential very soon.

The reason why I became so passionate about interior design is because the way I feel and the mood I am in is so heavily influenced by the environment I live in. Whatever I do or wherever I am I need to surround myself with aesthetic beauty and balance, only then I feel like I can be fully productive, efficient and stress-free. I admit I do not deal with mess and chaos very well, they always strengthen the impression that I also lack structure and harmony in my personal life. So creating spaces that are both highly functional and pleasant to inhabit, at the same time reflecting one’s personality and lifestyle, is in my mind extremely important.

Lush & Luxe combines my passion for Spanish and Latin American culture with an interest in interior design. The lushness and vibrancy of colours intertwined with a genuine colonial charm of the Iberoamerican region are elevated to modern luxury standards by the contemporary trends in home decor.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    I am a French Student, in internship in India in Akshar Enterprises, a company which deals in interior and exterior design. We have original products, especially thanks to the exploitation of Agata Stone . You can see it on our facebook page, in the album ” Agata Stone work”: https://www.facebook.com/AksharEnterprises.
    We would like to export this stone and other products, would you be interested? You could offer innovative products with it in Italy.
    Furthermore, our artists are flexible, they work on customer demand and can do all kinds of products.

    Waiting to hear from you,
    Sincerely yours,
    Belkebir Mrani

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