Pastel bedroom by Santayana Dream

Enchanting, romantic, feminine, with a touch of shabby chic to add instant charm and that special country feel. Such is the Garden of Dreams – bedroom space designed by Spanish studio Santayana Dream, which was presented during Casa Decor 2014 in Madrid.

Riestra Ana Pardo due Santayana, Rocio Riestra Carlota Pardo due Santayana and Carlotta Cillero combined soft pastels in pink, blue and red with white elements to make a nod to a decoration that is eco-friendly, natural and doesn’t break the bank. To avoid overloading the space, the floor and a large amount of walls are left in white; light curtains and bedding work perfectly to balance the atmosphere and give it an airy, modern feel. The inclusion of greenery and natural accessories evokes a calming, peaceful vibe.

Is it not just a dream?


The headboard is accentuated with a mirror, surrounded by a mixture of white and pink paper tiles, which reflects the wall opposite with its pastel shelves and lush green plantsl



It took a bold move to incorporate a red carpet into this risky colour scheme, but the piece stands out positively, adds warmth and cosiness to the room.



The adorable wooden hanging desk opens the room up, giving it more space than it would with a standing desk. The geometry and vivid colours of the shelves, filled with books and decorative items, flawlessly match the existing design scheme.

 *Source: Casa Decor


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