Feminine Loft in Barcelona

Designing a loft can be quite tricky comparing to other spaces, due to the lack of clearly designed space via walls and focal points. Yet many young professionals choose to live in lofts attracted by their inherent benefits (tall ceilings, exposed brick, large amounts of space), unique character and ambiance. Incorporating the industrial look of a loft and the architectural elements already present in the space, and customizing them with your own personal style – whether it’s contemporary, ecclectic, or traditional – will help to create a marvelous living space to enjoy lounging, entertaining and working for years to come.

The owners of this loft in Barcelona, Spain decided on a surprising combination of industrial and vintage elements with a pink colour pallette. Working closely with an architect, they managed to achieve an effect that blends together that modern feel of city living and cosy, homely atmosphere.

The space is an actual house conversion, located just outside the capital of the country, renovated and refurbished to to match the owners’ aesthetic preferences and taste. The original ceiling, with its tiled roof and wooden beams and brick walls were preserved to give the property its unique charm, as well as a warm and restful feel. The ground floor was planned as an open space to achieve the sense of unity between separate areas, and that New York warehouse industrial vibe permenates throughout thanks to the painted brick, the perfect blend of hardwoods and concrete floors, the use of steel on kitchen appliances and worktops, and the addition of appropriate home accessories. Together with surprising yet stunning decor pieces like the abundant Chandelier or the dusty pink Smeg fridge, the end result in an interior bound to have everyone gushing


The aubergine corner sofa from Perobell defines the living area. Too much pink can be overwhelming and mentally exhausting but here the owners balanced it out with plenty of neutral hues and modern accessories.Pink tables from Ikea, cushions: fluffy from Sia, white from Filocolore, pink from Coriumcasa.


Long windows allow for plenty of light to shine in. The long draped curtains, matched with the majestic chandelier(Cottage Little House), lend a romantic air to this space, and together with the casually thrown blanket (Zara Home) and adorable cusions, they soften the entire room. The whole look is finished off with some modern accessories: the floor lamp from D’Barcelona, the bookcase from Pladur, the rocking chair from Vitra, the puff from Woodnotes, and the blanket from Francisco Cumellas.


The open concept of this space makes it possible for the family to be together.


The kitchen design is kept simple, almost sober, and goes in line with the industrial character of a typical warehouse loft. Microcement and steel dominate this area to embrace the idea of modern, uncomplicated living. In this case, the pastel Smeg fridge and soft, vibrant textiles become necessary to brighten the look.


This modern modular kitchen was ordered from Doimo Cucine. Floral arrangements by Sia.


The use of kitchen furniture and the presence of the pillar helped to make the division between the living and dining areas. The chairs (galvanised steel) by Firm Tolix were purchased in Coriumcasa, the hood from Pando.


A completely different design style was applied in the master bedroom, where rustic-inspired vintage and shabby chic take the lead.


Using old restored decorative pieces and natural fabrics, the owners of the loft achieved a romantic, intimate aura that brings a perfect balance of bliss, beauty and function, and is quite far from the design of the lower floor. The bedding and the carpet come from Zara Home.


One can feel a similar, retro-romantic vibe in the bathroom.


The kids’ bedroom is a hidden gem inside this loft and one of the most enchanting I have seen. Not your typical pink nursery, is it? The simple eggplant bed with patterned bedspread, the recycled boxes used as shelves, the unique decoration and storage make this room cheery and restful. Bedspread and desk from Zara Home.

*Source: Mi Casa

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