Charming Country Cottage by Memi Escárzaga in Cantabria, Spain

I think I am more of a modern eclectic architecture and interior person, however, being rather sentimental and romantic I can occassionaly be smitten with a proper traditional approach to interior design. There is something wonderfully comforting and calming about the charming country style; it is that special ambience, which invokes warm nostalgia, that you don’t get in a modern minimalist spaces. This is exactly the case with this country cottage located in the north of Spain, close to the capital of rich in history and culture Cantabria, Santander.

The once abandoned building has been redesigned and refurbished by interior decorator Memi Escárzaga, who injected warmth and period character into this space, letting the owners enjoy the property throughout the whole year. It became a major restoration project, as only the walls remained from the original construction. All the exterior woodwork has been replaced and painted in lavender iroko (hardwood of the iroko tree of West African Coast provenance), ideal in the humid climate of northern Spain. The interior decoration was carefully planned to create a natural environment that breathes elegance and joy. Vintage and period pieces of furniture updated with contemporary design come together to form an interior that is rural in its essence, yet brought up to modern standards.

The stone tile flooring stays in perfect harmony with the facade, both brightened by pastel blue woodwork and bright coloured chairs from a market in Empordà.

The entry opens to a spacious hallway with stone floor that has been recovered by the Carulla company. Leaning against the wall is a stunning 18th-century Provencal table, its character accentuated by lamp and mirror from La Mouche. The decorador Memi Escárzaga lent the chair from her own studio.

The living room has several interactive areas with an eclectic mixture of comfortable sofas and armchairs. The tobacco colour sofas at the back are made by B&B Italia and the centre table was designed by Willy Rizzo and acquired at the Del Veinte Galería. Visible in the left corner is side table from La Mouche with its essential companion – a lamp from El Pajar de Somo.

The living area is a large open space that naturally flows into the dining room, allowing for the occupants to stay connected while entertaining. Columns, pillars and carpets define each area but give the room an open feel. The upholstery with a pattern of blooming almond branches, which exudes summery vibe, is from Gastón y Daniela, the glass top table from B&B Italia, and the wooden desk is a find from the Belén Roiz antique store in Santander.

The dining room is a delightful, stylish fusion of original rustic pieces. Around the Herraiz table there are metal chairs from Antique Boutique and two period armchairs. Mirrors from La Mouche.

The overcoming rural spirit prevails in the kitchen, decorated in white to achieve maximum clarity and a better distribution of light. The traditional look has been maintained by selecting hydraulic tiling, cabinets with moulded fronts and by leaving the original roof intact and covering it with white patina.

The large size of the kitchen made it possible to place a dining table inside, which is a practical solution as, thanks to the wheels, the table can be easily removed when necessary. Both the table and the chairs come from Memi Escárzaga’s studio.

A cozy, romantic ambiance has been achieved in the bedroom with white beams and shabby chic style furnishings. Textiles and wallpaper from Sanderson.

Details play an important part in this space. The red stove is highlighted by a painted wooden niche, beautful additions are also the white bookcase and the patchwork armchair, both from Memi Escárzaga’ studio.

The bathroom emanates a lot of charm from the past. The stripping effect has been used on the mirror to give it an old, worn out look. The wall sconces and decorative accessories add femininity and elegance to this room.

*Source: Nuevo Estilo


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