Reflex Aztec Vessel Sink by Xylem

If, like me, you are a fan of Aztec patterns and shapes or you are simply looking to liven up your monochrone bathroom decor by finding that one piece that will make all the difference, then this Aztec Vessel Sink by Xylem will do just the job. The American company that is known for designing and manufacturing unique bathroom products of the highest quality has launched the Reflex Glass Vessel Sink as an addition to its glass sink offering.

This stunning piece adds refinement and high visual impact with its traditional Aztec pattern applied to the underside of the tempered-glass (glass with the addition of metallic fils and stone) vessel.The brass, gold and copper hues play off each other, every time producing a slightly different arrangement, so that two sinks never appear the same. With its aesthetic quality, durability and functionality, this sink will sparkle in all its splendor.

Reflex Aztec vessel Sink by Xylem

Reflex Aztec vessel Sink by Xylem

*Source: Xylem,


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