Cioccolato boutique by Savvy Studio in Monterrey, Mexico

When it comes to sweets, candies and sugary treats aren’t we all like little kids wanting to take it all in, satisfy our eye and lusting taste buds with mouthwatering decadent pastel colour delights? Bearing that in mind, Mexican design studio Savvy went on to rebrand and redesign the pastry and cake boutique Ciocolatto, a company that prides itself in delivering the highest quality custom desserts for special events and occasions. The process of creating Cioccolato’s brand new visual identity included design of the interior space, stationary, logo as well as the packaging. The Bake & Decor descriptive has been adopted, as way of differentiating the brand’s recent image and offering against their more traditional looks.

Cioccolato’s Monterrey-based boutique is visually striking with bright colour schemes against the all-white walls; it carries a slightly mad but at the same time delightful and festive ambience, which reflects the shop’s trade, makes self-control take a bake seat and invites the visitors to dip into the rich and varied selection of sweets. Vibrant displays of cakes, cupcakes and chocolates pop out of every corner in this tempting setting, while the sugary concept is spread throughout the interior making the irresistibly delicious candy hard to resist. What a way to present sweets in an even more appealing way!

Savvy Studio played with colours to stimulate the senses and take the guests on a journey to a candyland. Elegantly simple layout is enhanced by splashes of colour, bright white illumination emanating from the deepest corners of this space, and futuristic accents.

The boutique Has a mellow, marshmallowy feel to it. A gooey-like substance in dark pink delightfully oozes from the center table and forms one of its legs.

Scrumptious looking macaroons and candies are freely displayed in transparent jars to be admired by the visitors.

Pastel colours and gooey concept define the visual image of the brand.

Bake & Decor packaging.

Cioccolato logo.

Ciocolato Bake & Decor.

Cioccolato cupcake.


*Source: Savvy Studio, The Cool Hunter


One thought on “Cioccolato boutique by Savvy Studio in Monterrey, Mexico

  1. Hello! 🙂 What a way to present candy… it’s definitely gorgeous “eye” candy as well! 🙂 Love that table and all the colours used here, this would be a boutique where I could spend hours. 🙂

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