Introducing: DUE Estudio by Claudia & Harry Washington from El Salvador

Claudia and Harry Washington come from a war ravaged country of El Salvador and today they are one of the nation’s leading interior designers that by adopting and following their own unique design process as well as optimising limited resources lead the way for a whole new generation of Salvadoran space and furniture innovators. The couple, who first gained recognition with their stylish leather Olga lounge featuring multiple strap belts up the back, persisted with their passion to overcome such difficulties as expensive raw materials, few retail outlets and low level of mechanisation in the design process, to produce high-end personalised pieces that can be applied for both residential and commercial venues.

Despite Washingtons’ international success, the DUE Estudio don’t plan on changing the formula that has worked for them so far. Behind each product there lies deep consideration for comfort and functional use; designing means staying true to ourselves and our fundamental needs, seeking not only visual satisfaction, but first and foremost peace, harmony, natural order. Combined with this philosophy is the duo’s profound respect for El Salvador’s cultural and environmental heritage, and for the local manual labor with its artisan techniques. Use of the above values, extensive interior design knowledge, and a good dose of creative flair allow for conception of wonderfully stylish, comfortable, Latin American style designs.

Olga chair.

Olga chair.

Calibra sofa and armchair.

Curio side tables.

Frame chair.

Ikon chair.

Lola chair.

Mandarine chair.

McCafe chair.

McCafe armchair.

Ven armchair.

*Source: Claudia & Harry Washington, Metropolis


2 thoughts on “Introducing: DUE Estudio by Claudia & Harry Washington from El Salvador

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  2. I am interested in a custom bar cart they designed and was in the May issue of Dwell Magazine, I would love to find where I can purchase a cart like that. It’s amazing..

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