Feminine eclecticism by Encarna Romero in Casa Decor 2011

The immediate expression that comes to mind when trying to define this space designed for El Corte Inglés by Encarna Bolero (presented at Casa Decor Madrid 2011 – the most important interior design event in Spain, taking place every year in Madrid and Barcelona) is without a doubt ‘feminine eclecticism’. A well balanced ‘ensemble’ and somewhat theatrical presentation of elements from different styles works here in a perfect harmony, creating an environment of elegant ease and stately sentimentality.

As the common denominator in this studio, composed of three interconnecting spaces, Romero decided to choose the feminine touch, which manifests itself in every component from the colour palette to the furniture and embellishments, and all the intricate details in-between. Passion for art, love of tradition as well as appreciation of the finer things stimulate here a sense of deep tranquility and reaffirm one’s personality. Alluring textures, decadent colours and an array of unique decor spill from every corner of this interior, drawing you in and holding your attention.

The space opens up to reveal this spectacular bedroom that carries the vibe of a noble mansion. The chromatic harmony of mauve and eggplant hues emanates smoky sophistication and gives the interior a touch of classic feminity and modernity at the same time. Colours that in theory would seem bound to clash, go well together creating an interesting marriage. An original feature is the use of Oracdecor panel mouldings that frame the headboard and the artwork, as well as the lavish use of microcement.

The ceiling lighting fixtures unite the separate areas of this studio, yet each space is additionally illuminated by hanging lamps that match the ambiance of the interior design.
In the background, a bathtub from Porcelanosa and a wall covered in beveled mirrors.

The black and white animal print rug and cusions that top the yellow sofa provide a welcomed contrast to the mauve colour palette.

This corner allows for a moment of relaxation and can be used as a home office. It is decorated with vintage artwork, a mini library filled with antiqiue books, geisha statues and a dark marble coffee table. The vintage looking desk serves here as a vanity table.

The ‘living room’ area.

Every piece of decoration chosen for this interior is well thought out and fits the ambiance and the colour palette of the entire space.

The vanity table.

This separate area differs significantly from the rest of Romero’s interior. It has been designed as a home study and its furniture includes antique bookcase, large oak table and French inspired consoles. Unlike the rest of the space, it is well lit with plenty of natural light, adorned with flesh flowers and has a more subtle look.

This gorgeous sideboard with emerald tones, aged texture and gloss walnut varnish top makes for a real statement.

*Source: Casa Decor

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