Apartment in Bogotá, Colombia by Gregorio Sokoloff

Although crime is still widespread and poverty continues to be a visible issue, the capital of Colombia, Bogotá, is no longer the kidnapping capital of the world. Improvements in security and the benefits in recent economic growth resulted in a growing middle class with increasing purchasing power. Especially the northern upscale part of the city – the upper middle class and upper class enclave – has seen a considerable high-end development of residential and office properties. Residents of northeastern districts of Bogotá want to live well in contemporary and trendy surroundings, they seek privacy and comfort in a relaxed and sophisticated setting. For that reason there has been a significant increase in demand for interior designers who can create an environment that reflects the needs and lifestyles of the new rich.

The project that has recently caught my attention is this renovation of a three-level apartment that seats on the eastern slope of Bogotá. It is a triplex of 340 square meters, of which 120 are dedicated to terraces that offer breathtaking views of the urban landscape. Architect Gregory Sokoloff of Sokoloff and Sewerin architecture studio was commissioned to design this modern apartment, which is very characteristic for the use of brick, wood and stone, and its internal austerity – the characteristics that also distinguish the architectural aesthetics of Bogotá itself, adopted by the force behind the city’s redevelopment, Rogelio Salmona.

The imperative that guided Sokoloff’s choices for this project was to restore the original architecture and respectfully adapt the space to the needs of its occupants. With that in mind he designed the bottom floor as an open space comprising of living room, kitchen lobby and corridor; at the second level three bedrooms with bathrooms, a study and a living room were arranged  to ensure privacy for each of the occupiers; the third floor was left to contain the master bedroom with bath, a study, and an adjacent office. Some changes had to be implemented in order to improve the functionality and quality of each area and, without impairing the original structure, give them a contemporary look. With great delicacy and respect for Salmona’s work and vision the bathrooms were modernised, the kitchen enlarged, the lightning was installed on the ceiling and inside the niches, and the whole interior was enhanced with subtle modern refinements. The apartment has become for its owner a shelter that she looks for outside the city, her inner world.

Living room with exposed red brick wall, wooden elements and modern decor accessories. In the background, open kitchen.

The living room is a social area designed to facilitate interactions between family members and visitors.

The seating area features open fireplace and amazing views on the capital.


Dining Table




*Source: Revista Axxis


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