Apartment in Madrid by Cristina Ros de la Vega

Interior design is as much about creativity as it is about an ability to spot opportunities and visualise the final outcome. Having the rare knack for seeing more than others, finding beauty in dilapitaded spaces, realising their potential and turning them into beautiful one-of-a-kind homes, is what distinguishes interior design leaders from other credible people in the profession.

This flat in Madrid was in a very poor condition when acquired by their current owners. However, they did not hesitate to acquire it quickly as its central location ad the size of just below 70 m2 suited their needs perfectly. The buyers enthrusted the interior renovation to architect Mariano Ibáñez and designer Cristina Ros de la Vega, counting on them to translate their vision to reality.

The end result turned out to be nothing short of impressive and exceeded the clients’ expectations. Brimming with imaginative decorating ideas, the design combines aesthetic and elegance with practical touch. The prevailing white (the wooden beams, the walls, the floors, and some furniture have been painted in that colour) opens up the space and creates an illusion of expansion, at the same time it adds character and natural look. Simultaneously, it serves as a visual foil for unique home accessories, textiles and upholstery that bring intensity and invigorate the apartment. The subtle aura of sophistication and the charming mix of designer items and flea market finds create a truly inspiring interior.

In the lounge the owners decided on an eclectic combination of original pieces, with the dusty purple sofa as the focal point of this space. The feminine ambiance is accentuated by richly-coloured cushions from Aunty B, throws (patchwork throw from Zara Home), and curvy lines of the armchairs. The two floor lamps from Años Luz add a modern touch to this somewhat ethereal living space, yet their design is equally delicate. The heavy burnt orange curtain has been used to separate the lounge from the front door, but it also has a theatrical look to it.

The velvet wall hanging, inherited by the owner of the apartment, makes for a perfect compliment to this particular home decor and lends a stately air to the ambiance. The armchair was purchased from Subastas Durán, the two coffee tables were designed by Jerónimo Hernández, and the rug is from Gancedo.

Carefully selected accessories and furniture pieces found at flea markets in Avignon create a very warm yet elegant atmosphere.

Each of the furniture pieces that feature in the lounge is one of a kind and delivers wonderful enjoyment to the eye, The chest of drawers has a distinctively industrial aesthetic. The chair with floral upholstery, acquired from Subastas Durán, matches it colouristically.

The large mirror has been placed behind the dining table to give depth to the room. Its stylish design strikes a balance between simplicity and opulence. Visible in the background, in the bedroom, an armchair from KA International.

The white colour has been extended to the dining area giving a feeling of total spaciousness. Beautifully designed mirror, delicate chandelier and fresh flowers prevent this space from looking boring or monotonous.


Tablecloth from Aunty B, vases from Zara Home.


The kitchen is more of an alcove integrated with the rest of the space. The wooden worktop introduces some warmth and much needed natural element in the middle of white walls and white furniture, The cabinets and the worktop purchased from Gunni & Trentino.

The small size of the bedroom has been optically enhanced by the use of white colour. To avoid a sterilised look different textures and hues needed to be added in order to offset the monotony of the main decor. Thus, the natural ceiling beams have been left intact while the purple wardrobe paper and textiles used give vibrancy to this room and steal attention away from the dominating white.

An ultra feminine look has been achieved by covering the bedroom doors with the Toile de Jouy wallpaper by Pepe Peñalver. Textiles from Aunty B and Zara Home, lamp from the Olofane auction.


The Toile de Jouy wallpaper from Pepe Peñalver


The bathroom is accessed directly from the bedroom and features a sink from Duravit and a bathtub. Next to the heated towel rail a door separates the bathroom area from the toilet. The mirror creates a sense of visual depth while the woven basket makes for the only storage space.

*Source: Mi Casa Revista

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