Surfer-style apartment in Rio de Janeiro by Gisele Taranto

This apartment designed by Gisele Taranto offers a truly chill-out atmosphere in a genuine surfer style. It is facing the São Conrado beach (also know as Praia Pepino), one of the beaches of the Zona Sul in Rio de Janeiro, which frequently gets heavy with surfers and hang gliders.

Both walls made of grey cement and travertine marble floors have been intentionally left bare and natural. In this way they become a canvas for the collection of urban art, bright accessories and pieces of furniture. The interior design strikes with splashes of colour, youth and original style and matches so well with the vibrancy and vitality of the city.

Sitting area

Sitting / TV area

Green sofa and soft beige carpet give this sitting area a very relaxing look.

This dining are has been given a bit of a futuristic look with modern lightning and silver dining chairs.

Warm colours in the bedroom.

The wallpaper above the bed was designed by Vivienne Westwood.

Artwork and bright accessories play the main part in this decor.

Bathroom design is kept simple and minimalist with an amazing natural stone sink and walls covered in Pharmacy Wallpaper by Damien Hirst.

*Source: Gisele Taranto Arquitectura, Design Milk



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