W Hotel on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico by Patricia Urquiola

Today I want to present a design by one of Spain’s leading figures in interior design, Patricia Urquiola, whose textile collection has already appeared in one of my earlier posts, Plush and Poof. The large scale project of interior solution for the W Retreat & Spa Vieques in Puerto Rico was accomplished in 2010 and carried out in close collaboration with such internationally reknown partners as Tom Dixon, Foscarini, B&B Italia and Moroso among others.

When setting on this hotel venture, Urquiola’s focus was as much on creating a trendy, sleek, slightly rustic but elegant space, as on taking an environmentally responsible approach to interior surface design. It is an ‘organic project’ that adapts to the morphological conditions of the natural land where it is located. The complex consumes a relatively small layout area so that it still maintains the link with nature and the continuous connection between interior and exterior spaces. By opening the common areas outward hotel guests remain in constant contact with nature, which along with the gentle breeze freely penetrates the lounges from outside.

Staying true to environmental and sustainable practices meant using such materials as rope, straw, reclaimed, wood, linen and natural fibers, and engaging the help of local craftsmen and artisans. As a consequence, the W Hotel in Vieques represents both Urquiola’s creative genius and the identity of the island and its people.

The neutral palette of grey and taupe walls, used as a backdrop, is brilliantly complimented by modern, colourful pieces of furniture and accessories. The columns are covered in reclaimed wood.

Round seating by Moroso – hanging version

One of the many seating areas in the lounge.

Multi-toned, wood-panelled walls feature in the lobby.

Funky, contemporary furniture in the lounge.

Quirky decor and cozy couches provide comfort and relaxation while the spectacuar views from the private balcony complete the interior space.

Living room in a one-bedroom suite.

Dark wood stone is here mixed with rich, tropical colours and Caribbean prints.

The futuristic design of the Dedon loveseat by Patricia Urqiola.

Bedroom details.

The neutral coour palette is broken with pops of colour. A thin, taupe curtain separates sleeping and living areas.

The Vieques vintage-style bathtub, an original design by Urqiola, is simply shaped and refers to ancient art.

Fire at dusk.

*Source: Code Magazine, Starwood Hotels


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