Vivienda en Llavaneres, Spain by Susanna Cots

White colour projects purity, simplicty and a sense of orderliness. So often used in the Scandinavian interior design as a background, white sets off and pairs with all the other colours incredibly well, making them look clean and vivid.

Today’s interior is this lovely apartment in Llavaneres (north of Barcelona), a project accomplished by a Spanish design studio Susanna Cots Estudi de Disseny. Susanna Cots is known to work with white on the majority of her projects, claiming that the colour is universal and always in vogue, no matter what current trends dictate.

Here the trick was to integrate the interior space with the landscape and the sea, allowing more natural light and the gentle breeze to penetrate the interior. The kitchen, dining room and bedrooms were designed to remain parallel to the sealine, the result of which is the integration of outside surface with the interior space. Alltogether, a very tranquil, modern yet cozy design, offering the occupants a place to relax and unwind.

The dining area is a mix of traditional and modern, a great marriage of sleek white dining chairs with the large wooden rustic table. Not to distract from this distinctive piece of furniture, the rest of the decor is kept very simple, with minimalistic lighting and the amount of decorative objects as minimal as possible.

The predominant contrast between the white colour and wooden elements characterises this apartment. Wooden floors match brilliantly the coffee table with the base made of rough pieces of wood.

To let the interior ‘breath’, a lot of the space is kept in an open floor plan, yet each area is identified by a piece of furniture or architectural elements, like this low staircase that leads to the dining area.

The kitchen has an elegant, sleek look with high-end, modern features. It’s the only room in this house without visible wooden elements.

The master bedroom is decorated with modern elements like these two bedside lamps and the sleek bedside table.The impressive wood slatted wall, matched by the wooden flooring, is the focal point of this room. The lilac bedding gives some extra warmth and comfort.


The separating wall offers more privacy and some interesting storage space.

The simple bathroom features the same combination of white, wood and lilac as the master bedroom.

The children area has significantly more colour than the rest of the house, what gives it much needed element of playfulness.

Breakfast table


When the weather allows, the occupants of this house can enjoy outdoor dining on a beautiful terrace.

*Source: Susanna Cots Design Studio


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