Flat in Salvador, Brazil by Thiago Manarelli

When I was starting this blog I swore to myself to be regular with the updates and write a new post at least every 2-3 days. Things don’t always turn out as we have planned them; swamped with an intense working schedule I literally could find neither time nor energy to add posts.

Now I’m back with this adorable flat in Salvador in Brazil, renovated by architect Thiago Manarelli and his partner Ana Paula Magalhaes, who were supported by the artististic touch of Fabio Gatti. The transformation of this compact apartment required little to no work. Many of the furniture and decoration have been reused and restored to like-new condition. The walls have been repainted whilst good lightning ideas and clever use of space boosted this flat with modern, chic look.

The living room, kept in light and pale hues, is brough to life by bright, colourful fabrics and a lot of artwork.

Loose poufs from Casabella and a small round table compensate for the lack of a coffee table in the living area. The white cabinet lends has just the right amount of shelving space and can be also used as a bar. Touches of pink a blue update this space and give it a trendy look.

The armchair in tropical print plays a main role in this wonderfully designed space. The sideboard has been lacquered in white and given a new base. Both the armchair and the red work by Fabio Gatti determine the arrangement of the rest of the frames.

The bench was found in the trash and brought to its current state.

The plaster mouldings on the ceiling have been softened by the architect, achieving modern angles with the wall. The dining table, left in the flat by the previous occupants, was given a glass table. The large modern table lamp substituted a traditional hanging lamp.

The use of this old cabinet is a great way to bring an unwanted piece of furniture back to life.

The bathroom has a simple, modern look.

The centrepiece of this work area is the desk from Gatti’s workshop and the armchair by Charles Eames.

The bookshelf, previously owned by Manarelli’s grandmother, guided the arrangement of this area. A lot of artwork has gained a considerable amount of space also in the bedroom.

This simply designed bedroom is spruced up by the antique bedside table and a lively coloured cusion.

*Source: casa.com.br


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