Patchwork Furniture Collection on is one of the leading Spanish retailers, a take on the London Portobello Street market, where one can browse through literally thousands of unique furniture and home decoration products of both antique and more contemporary design. Since the launch of their online shop in 1998, the popularity of instantly skyrocketed from that point forward, resulting in the birth of one of the most visited online spaces for interior design aficionados in Spain.

Below is their Patchwork collection of furniture products, one that catches one’s attention straight away due to their vibrant colours and interesting, ethnic/rustic patterns. What a better way to inject some zest into your home than with one of these bold pieces?

You can browse the whole collection here.

Mandala Archair. Made of acacia wood and upholstered in viscose. The inspiration for this piece came from the Himalayan people.

Calido Armchair. Made of birch and upholstered in cotton.

The design of this Orejero Armchair tells the story of Woodstock.

Vintage Bench.

Abanico Chair. Made of mango wood and upholstered in cotton. The height of human imagination.

Mandala Puff. Inspired by the soul of the Himalayan people, this piece brings you joy and carries you through your day with energy and easy.

Corbatas Carpet. Confront the seriousness of life and the monotony of your daily routines with this original piece.



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