Paz Caradonti House in Buenos Aires

Paz Caradonti is a cool Argentine interior designer that together with her two sisters, Lola and Agus, founded &, a company that offers wedding, event and home interior design services.

Her house is actually very characteristic of both Buenos Aires and residential spaces of this city: very ecclectic and mixing a variety of different styles and cultures that came to make the capital of Argentina very unique and full of beautiful contrasts, with a heavy influence of Spanish, Italian, French and even Chinese accents.

You can find Paz blogging here.

Paz Caradonti in her home that is also her studio.

Ecclectic style in the living area with plenty of day light coming in.

Books, photos and knick-knacks are randomly thrown around the house what makes the space very lived-in and personal.

Paz likes putting together styles of many different origins, as well as blending old with new.

Simple but lovely decor feel very homely and a little rustic.

Magazine rack.


A romantic touch in the patio with plenty of flowers.

*Source and interview with Paz: Slanted Mansion


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