Rustic Beach House in Bahia, Brazil

Dazzingly bright, white sun shines down through the wooden frames to illuminate the interior spaces of this beautiful Casa Tiba situated in a colonial coastal town of Trancoso in Bahia, Brazil. Designer Daniela Oliveira worked to achieve a bohemian chic feel that stays in tune with the area’s hippie past. A relaxed luxury was what she was aiming for when creating this exclusive hideaway in a town that over the last years has become an exotic hotspot for creative individuals from over the world.

Natural materials and finishes are key in this house and make you feel you are part of the surrounding tropical rainforest. The open space allows for the sun to penetrate the interiors while the regular crisp ocean breeze keeps it fresh and cool in the hottest season. Some wonderful pieces of local arts and crafts have been used in the decoration making the overall design an interesting marriage of native and cosmopolitan elements – much like the town itself.

The exterior of the house is kept very rustic with simple, unadorned windows and large sturdy benches placed under each of them.

Impressive woodwork in the interior incorporates a scaffold of natural posts and beams. White and ivory tones dominate every inch of this space, makig it radiant and generous. Decor features local rugs, artwork and knick-knacks such as the dream-catcher.

Neutral shades provide a perfect backgroud for some wonderful woodwork: window shutters, side table with tray top, table set.

A natural combination of white, wood and fresh greens on the very sleek looking staircase.

This lounge has a light, airy feel with a spectacular view overlooking the garden.

The decor is kept to the minimum level so that the space gets maximum light and air flow.

The bedroom features large and elegant bed with beautifully draped white baldachin.

The centerpiece of this bathroom is what seems to be a large chunk of wood turned into a striking sink shelf.

White, minimalist decor gives a crisp, clean look and resembles white washed sand.

Swimming pool.

*Images: Style Files

9 thoughts on “Rustic Beach House in Bahia, Brazil

  1. I would love to spend my Summer there – pure bliss! The sink in the bathroom is just amazing – so inspiring! I wish I could have a closer look and see how it works 🙂 The combination of white and natural wood makes it into the perfect summer house!

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