Javier Echenique House in Buenos Aires, Argentina

I am a great believer in acting upon one’s dreams and I am often the one that encourages my friends to follow desires of their hearts and empower them to action. With a healthy dose of realism of course. But it is not easy to follow through some dreams one has, espacially if you fell in a rut of doing the same things the same way, and you are not independently wealthy. However, I am determined to think that all is possible with a great belief, hard work and determination. Just recently I found out that my friend Alexey has decided to make an unexpected turn in his career and leave his well-paid IT job in order to pursue his true passion of carpentry in Canada. You only need to read through some life stories of my fellow bloggers to learn that many of them have gone through a lot of anxiety and struggled at the beginnings of their careers as interior design consultants.

I have pondered this topic recently since I read about the story behind Javier Echenique’s move to Buenos Aires and his renovation of this house in the Palermo Soho district. The Spanish architect, born and raised in Madrid, has already lived in quite a few places around the world, before he hopped on a plane to Argentina with no return ticket, preparation or a clear vision of where this extravaganza would lead him. The only thought on his mind was to break from the routine, seek new energy flows and exciting projects. As soon as he set foot in Buenos Aires’ most vibrant and cosmopolitan area, Palermo, he knew that his new home was there. Echenique became fascinated with a building that was in a vastly deteriorated shape and practically abandoned. By opening up its interiors, exposing original features such as marble and ceramic tile floors or stained-glass windows, and by using vibrant wallpapers, Echenique breathed new life into this magnificent property and brought it beyond its former glory.

Echenique recovered the Chesterfield sofa from one of the Recoleta’s (neighbourhod in Buenos Aires) second hand stores. Paired with velvet chairs, Owen Tossounian’s artwork and bold geometric wallpaper, it makes this space stand out.

Some walls have been taken out reducing the interiors to communicating spaces and channeling natural light well within the floors. The hall gains a touch of elegance and class with its floor tiles, high ceilings, solid oak doors and windows.

The marble and iron staircase has been revamped by large artwork, Echenique’s own wallpaper and an artictis stained-glass skylight.

The open kitchen / dining area bursts with colour and clarity. The original beams have been kept and the electricity and gas pipes exposed.

The roof and walls in every room are kept in different colour to ‘stretch’ the pace and cntrast with the frames.

Living Room

The spacious bedroom is open to the terrace and the swimming pool.

The bathroom features views over the garden. The double shower is surrounded by mirrors to ensure privacy. The Mediterranean feel has been achieved by pairing blue and yellow colours.

The house has been designed to enjoy life and achieve the greatest comfort of living. It is here that Javier Echenique found his oasis and has spentthe last 5 years swimming, practicing yoga, painting, and hosting thematic dinner parties.

*Source: Javier Echenique


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