La Galana: Soledad Twombly’s Uruguaian Getaway

Soledad Twombly, the visionary founder and the brain behind the women’s fashion and accessories brand SOLE, has a Latin American streak in her blood and Buenos Aires as the place of birth on her birth certificate. Although strongly connected with New York and residing in Rome in Italy, the designer holds the memories of her homeland of flat green pampas close to her heart. Twombly often goes back to her place of origin when she is searching for inspiration, constantly being left mesmerized by its colours, vibes, and spaces.

Twombly purchased this summer property in a town of Jose Ignacio in Uruguay and together with Argentine architect Juan Ballester worked on its renovation project. The interior features simple design, minimal decoration and natural materials. It has been design with the sole purpose of providing a quiet, more comfortable living environment and a relaxed escape from Soledad’s worldly lifestyle.

The outdoor patio reflects a quiet ambiance of a coveted hideaway. The blinds give an opportunity to play with light and shades.

The bamboo wall makes a good summer shade screen.

The terrace is another area to enjoy fresh air and warm sunlight.

The rustic table creates a mood for this simply styled kitchen. Light, empty walls provide a good background for pieces of artwork.

Dining area.

The sitting area has been left clutter-free. It’s only decor consists of a sofa, a set of simple armchairs, a coffee table and a floor lamp, which distinctive design makes a real statement. This mismatched furniture gives the room an eclectic look.

The bedroom design allows for a maximise natural light while minimising summer heat.

Rustic decor.

Bathroom is kept in light, cool tones.

*Imges: Indecora


3 thoughts on “La Galana: Soledad Twombly’s Uruguaian Getaway

  1. Hi, what a lovely sunny post, the splashes of colours are gorgeous and the interiors beautiful and relaxed. Nice to have found you – thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment 🙂

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