Suhab’s Eco-Trendy Mission

A little goes a long way according to these environmental activists and designers from Mexico who together have collaborated to create Suhab, an eco-friendly brand of home accessories and gadgets. Directed at younger adult customers, their array of attractive natural products make it easy to be a little greener and more environment conscious without compromising on style or quality. Accompanied by awareness-raising campaigns and events that help to create a better understanding of the environment and sustainability issues, Suhab aims to foster an eco mindset among buyers who are accustomed to acquiring trendy products.

Notebooks, shopper bags, plant pots, compost bins and even a portable ashtray or an eco-friendly USB drive, all featuring numerous creative designs, are some of the items on offer. Made from materials that can be recycled, reused or remanufactured, their production and usage cause minimum harm to the environment. By working with native artisans from the Mexican state Chiapas and Huichol Indians from Nayarit, who work on distinctive designs for the cotton bag line, the company helps to provide employment for local hand crafters.

Suhab is a brand with a future, a revolution in the making. It constantly seeks new solutions, strives to come up with new innovative designs and expand their collaborations with other brands and designers. It offers trendy, sustainable products and a brand new lifestyle too.

*Source: Suhab


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