Alemanys 5 by Anna Noguera

Medieval meets modern in this stunning trasformation of a 16th century townhouse in one of the richest and historically most preserved cities in Spain, Girona. Anna Noguera, who took on this project, was determined not to break up with the past when giving this space a modern retouch.

The structure of the building needed some modification, however, the original stone walls have been left practically untouched and are a distinguished feature of both exterior and interior of the property. The restoration involved minimum use of materials – steel, concrete and wood – so as to achieve a simple, sleek finish. Noguera worked with light and adhered to the principles of feng shui in order to allow for natural energy flow. The colour pallette was deliberately kept simple and neutral to enhance the feeling of balance and serenity.

The architect has managed to restore the building in a way that does justice to its historic siginificance and does not disintegrate it from its surroundings, at the same shaping its interior to provide contemporary luxury living at its best.

*Source: Anna Noguera, Welcome Beyond


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