Plush and Poof

Personally, I can’t imagine any living area without a touch of soft elements like cushions, throws, etc. For me textiles are an integral part of the furnishing, being both functional and decorative, and are crucial to the complete design scheme.

Today I am concentrating on composition of carpets, cushions and poufs, created by Spanish and Italian designers (among others), who managed to achieve collections that are fit for the modern, cosmopolitan interior yet are warm, inviting and carry signs of culture and tradition of their respective origins. There is certainly a lot to look forward to with regards to design in soft furnishing.

This really is just a foretaste and a very brief introduction to the designers I’ve chosen to showcase in this post. I will definitely be coming back to them sharing more details and information as well as those inspiring photos.

Paola Lenti

Nido by Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti

A 100% wool hand-made Mangas (ang. sleeves) collection of rugs and poufs by Patricia Urquiola.

Mangas by Patricia Urquiola

Mangas by Patricia Urquiola

Touareg by Sandra Figuerola

Canevas by Charlotte Lancelot from Belgium. Her phenomenal collection brings the traditional cross-stich technique to a new level and gives it a contemporary look by creating a ‘pixellated’ effect.

Chillida by Nani Marquina

Medina by Nani Maruina

Spiral by Nani Marquina

This pouf designed by a British ‘textile queen’ Donna Wilson comes from her collection of cushions and poufs. It caught my attention thanks to its ethnic, almost aztec/navajo style that I am obsessed about. A great find and if only the price allowed it would be making its way to my house now. Her amazing collection at SCP.

*Images: Naharro, Casa Original, Gandia Blasco, nanimarquina, SCP


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