The House of Gabriel García Márquez

A few days ago I was browsing through the latest edition of Architectural Digest Mexico, and imagine my ecstasy when I saw a feature on the house of Gabriel García Márquez in Cartagena de Indias in Colombia. “Gabo” is by far one of my favourite writers, thanks to whom my obsession with Latin America started. I have always wondered what his home and private surroundings look like, and how do they inspire him to write. It’s a real treat to have him letting us have a peak into his life.

The house, which García Márquez occupies with his wife Mercedes Barcha, was designed by a world-reknown Colombian architect, Rogelio Salmona. Salmona maintained the style that is loyal to Latin American architecture as well as respectful of the historical and cultural character of the city. Almost resembling a military building in its austerity, it is the patios and the interior that reveal its beauty.

Red brick is a distinctive feature of Rogelio Salmona’s architecture and the material he used the most. It makes the house stand out in the bright sun of Cartagena and it contrasts the sky and the Caribbean Sea.

The designated work area, as well as the rest of the house, features simple furnishure in light tones that does not distract and can be combined with colour accents.

Vaulted ceilings throughout the house give a feeling of spaciousness. The Andean textiles and traditional decoration elements add to the ambience while blue and sea green hues match perfectly with the atmosphere of this seaside residence.

The large antique table makes a statement and gives authenticity to the living area. It is matched by the bamboo and wicker chairs.

The dining room is airy and spacious, with large dining room being in the centre, and two periodic cabinets that fill the space. The sea constitutes an integral part of the interior and inspires the writer to put thoughts on paper.

*Source: Architectural Digest Mexico

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