Ramón de Abadal – Mastering the rustic chic

He is the master of preserving the natural character of the houses he renovates and designs.  Reluctant to use modern finishes, Spanish interior designer Ramón de Abadal, sensitively restores interiors in order to bring out their rustic charm, whilst providing the highest level of comfort and aesthetic quality. Traditional features mixed with elements from different cultures and contemporary art come together in a harmonious whole.

This 18th-century farmhouse in a rural town in Catalonia is an excellent example of Abadal’s unique style.

The lush greenery on the front walls of the farmhouse gives it an impression of being an intristic part of the landscape.

The grapevine incorporates the house into the setting and together with the delicate wrought-iron pergola creates an alcove for the open air seating area. The light tones of furniture and fabrics give it a natural look. The focus point is the blue and white woodwork.

The swimming pool combined with the metal gargoyle spouting water into it and the low cut grass almost resembles a natural water reservoir. The simple, uncluttered look of the garden is achieved by reducig the number of decoration to two large pitches, a wooden bench and a bed of hydrangeas.

The entrance area, devoid of almost all furniture, takes its character from the use of whitewashed walls, wooden door and beamed ceiling, and clay flor tiles. The large artwork reduces the feeling of bareness and gives the area more impact.

The sofas in light neutral tones coordinate with whitewhashed walls and ceilings to maximise the space and day light. The large chimney, accentuated by the vaulted niche, makes for a great centrepiece. The black sleek table provides a necessary contrast.

The antique-style Chinese chairs and the collection of plates from Afghanistan give this otherwise very rural kitchen a unique look.

The large decorative wall hanging from Central Asia (suzani) and the deep, rich tints used on the walls and the ceiling give this dining room oriental magnificence. The clay vase and the bronze church lamp match the omnipresent rustic character of the interior.

The neutral colour scheme that prevails throughout the house is here offset by pieces of artwork, ethnic cushions and the Chinese trunk. Some fresh greenery adds a nature element.

In the bathroom a masculine look has been achieved with dark tiles and sturdy Chinese cabinet. In contrast with them are more delicate elements, such as the modest sink and the vase with flowers.

*Images: Nuevo Estilo

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