Indoor Hammocks

We have finally said ‘Adios’ to the long cold winter in London and the heat is on. Naturally, this made me begin to think about planning holidays and reminisce about the times i spent in the tropics. Today I thought of writing a post about elements of interior decoration/furnishings that bring you just a little bit closer to those exotic locations. What a better piece to introduce to your lounge or bedroom than a hammock, which creates an instant air of relaxation and is so Latin America/the Caribbean.

Hammocks are actually widely used indoors in Central and South America.  They take very little space and can be easily moved so it is not uncommon that people use them instead of beds. They also protect against many bugs and insects – an unquestionable advantage in the hot humid climate.  They are often hung on verandas; in Caribbean older people taking siestas and dozing off on a hammock in front of their houses is a frequent sight.

Sold in different materials, colours and patterns, a hammock will become a statement piece of any room. It will add an element of fun, inject some colour into your space and hug you in your sleep so that you feel as if you are floating on a cloud.

*Images from: Pure Home, Hege Greenall-Scholtz, Llustre, Designed For Life, Idle Awhile, , Be Interior Decorator, Design Sigh

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