It is with great excitement that I’m putting this little creation of mine out there. I have been fascinated with Spain and Latin America for a long time now; I studied Latin American Studies, I have lived in Spain and Colombia.  All the knowledge and experiences gained at the university and whilst travelling have left me enamored with these regions, their cultures, and the way people live there.

There has always been a keen interest in the arts in my life, but only about a year ago I started to gain some insight into interior design. I became so hooked that I am currently enrolled in one of the interior design courses hoping to kick start a new career, which truly is now a passion of mine.

In Lush & Luxe I want to share with you the style of the Latin American casa (although I also draw inspiration from the houses of Spain, Portugal, the Mediterranean, Morroco, Middle East…). The remnants of colonial style, rich and exuberant colour combinations, diverse patterns, ethnic home decorations – those are some of the characteristics of the style, that has been recently evolving to stay in tune with the world trends.

Below a high – end residential project from the Casa Paulina studio from San Jose del Cabo in Mexico.


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